Evil Overlord Advisory Board Seeks 5 year old child for long term posting.

That is correct, a common everyday variety 5yr old will be part of any top notch Evil Overlord advisory board. By average we don’t mean they can’t be Evil, just of average intelligence. An up and coming Trusted Lieutenant perhaps, someone you are grooming for a later posting in your Legions of Terror.

You can find them all over the place, stray 5 year olds are fairly easy to come by. Once again you could invest in some property and buy a nice orphanage out in the country side you would have a failry steady strem of potential advisors this way. It’s also a very nice tax write off for you. The objective of course is to have someone to who can easily identify holes in your PLOT so that you can more easily identify it and not be surprised. Think of the Death Star, or any place you can just reverse the polarity and blow the entire complex to kingdom come. Kids are good for finding things like that.

Happy Overlording!


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