The good guy isn’t dead until he’s destroyed.

It’s never a good idea to count your chickens before they hatch. As shown in today’s Evil Overlord Tip. All enemies that are killed must be verified before announcing ultimate victory!

It’s good to slay your foes, to smite them unto death. The problem is, those pesky hero’s have a tendency to cheat death, or at least appear too. Cremation is a viable option but make certain you witness it. Riddling the hero with a few hundred rounds of ammo is also a nice option. Just make certain they are already dead before you move on to problem number two. It’s a very good idea to keep in mind that the heros sidekick should also be disposed of properly. Granted he or she is inconsequential however they do manage to come back at the most problematic of times allowing the hero to escape your clutches again. Apply the same rules to disposal of the sidekick and any pets they or the hero may have in order to ensure your Over-lordship.

Once this is all taken care of then call that party planner in for the celebration. Get a good caterer, and have the party of the century!

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