Hail To The King! Overlord Tip #14

Hail to the king, Nothing could epitomize tip #14 like Duke Nukem does. Maybe he isn’t an Evil Overlord but he definitely reads the tips.

There is never, ever a last request. None, zero, zip zilch… Understand, all it does is set you up to be tricked, or stalled and then something very bad will happen to you and your plots. Follow Dukes lead in this. Make some quirky offhand remark and then kill the Hero, don’t let him kiss someone, he could take get a pill from their mouth that makes them appear dead. Don’t let them have a last cigarette, there could be a small explosive device in it that will allow them to distract the guards and escape. You see what could happen, don’t let it happen to you. Just make some quip about being all out of gum and then put the hero out of your misery… and remember tip 13 when you do.


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