Tick, Tock…. BOOM!

Large explosions and digital countdowns go hand in had for this Evil Overlord. It’s the 15th Evil Overlord Tip… take note!

We see it time and time again… the steady flip of the digital numbers as time slowly drains into oblivion. The Hero attempts to disarm the munitions hoping he is in time to stop the destruction and save others from harm. Well he’s going to be in for a surprise if you follow this tip, not only is he going to fail to disarm the device he’s going to go out with a BANG! How does that sound to you?

So what to do, well we do recommend 117 seconds, however you should vary it just a bit in case someone lets the hero know about this tip. Chances are the brawn over brains hero won’t know about it but his sidekick may so let them both go out in a giant cloud and their remains become so much dust on the wind. Cremation is always so nice especially when combined with a huge shock-wave and a firestorm. Happy Detonating!


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