Advisors… you are paying them why not listen to them?

This is a fairly straightforward thing. If you hire people to advise you, listen to them! As with the five-year-old  kid who is there to find obvious flaws in your plans, so too are these.

Besides the simple fact of advisors getting cranky and then sabotaging your efforts, you hired these people for a reason. Hopefully it wasn’t just to waste money. You know someone had to tell whoever the head contractor on the Death Star was that there was a problem. Dr. Moreau could have used some kind of an advisor for sure. Even the non overlords who could have been really needed some help. The guy in charge of Jurassic Park left some hugely gaping holes in the emergency plans, yes I mean that literally.

Never blindly take an advisors advice of course. Put something in place to keep them honest. I use two sets of advisors, genetically identical. I keep them separated for the most part and give them the same data to see if they come up with the same answers. It has the added benifit of allowing me to cull the weaker gene sequences from the heard.


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