Kids and Jealousy – What’s an Overlord to do?

Nothing worse then Family, except perhaps family that is set to inherit. Sons can be a serious burden to any type of Overlord, Evil or otherwise.

Odin, Thor and Loki.

Sons are bad… Daughters too for that matter but we cover them in the next tip. Today its all about Son’s, idiot sons who thing they can usurp our power and take over for themselves before the time has come to do so. Chances are you haven’t spent much time with your son, hes just there squalling in the background at first. Then as he gets older hes still squalling about wanting to do more, have more power, more responsibility. IN time he will decide that he should be in charge. He will hatch a plot to take over, it will be bumbling, myopic and stupid but he will go forward with it anyway. It will of course fail, bad genes on his mothers side… whoever she was, its so hard to keep track. The problem with this is it will more than likely cause you to laugh when he finally falls on his face… while you are laughing the Hero will pull off an only slightly less idiotic plan and now you have problems.
Kids are bad news… Sons try to take power and tomorrow we will explain about Daughters… The life on an Evil Overlord is a hard one.

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