Daughter’s are worse then Sons.

This one is painful since I have two daughters currently. No matter how Evil she may be no matter how much I may not think so, I need to keep this tip in the forefront of my mind.

Evil Overlord Tip #19

Most Dad’s do this, Evil Overlord or not. We dote on our little girls, we use their names as pass-codes and secret questions. We think they can do nothing to hurt us because they are our little girls. Well they can, a strong jaw and muscled hero can make idiots out of us. There is no real way around this. Just like for regular Dads we have problems once a guy comes into the picture. Ours are so much worse though, The daughter will try to convince the Hero they are sincere by giving up all of our pass codes, helping to bypass security and even freeing the Hero from our dungeons. Send your daughters away to school don’t keep them around, make them live on their own and only let them visit on holidays, it’s safer that way.

Excuse me while I go and change my passwords.

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