Looking for some good news? So am I, Let’s be on the lookout together!

I’m unhappy with the news world we live in. It’s rarely good news. I know good news is out there, I just never see it. No one really reports it. I have decided that at least one day I week I will. Maybe the news will be frivolous or silly. Cat rescued from tree, five year old hugs rescuer. Man holds door for three people he doesn’t know just because it’s the polite thing to do. Now it’s not always easy to find good news, you have to really look around for it. When you do find something good then it’s hard to find more then a brief blurb about it, good news doesn’t sell.

Well here is one I rather like. It seems a nice woman and her three-year-old daughter were getting off the train when the little girl’s friend Nummy the stuffed rabbit hoped out of her hands and down onto the train tracks. Now any of you who have ever had a three-year-old, seen a three-year-old or been within five miles of a three-year-old will know; three-year-old’s can Scream, especially when they’re upset, Even more so when they lose a stuffed animal because to them its not a toy, it’s their friend. The young ladies Mother, Nummy’s Grandmother 🙂 went to the MTBA employee in the booth and let them know about it, all the while the little girl was crying. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employee called the train coming in and stopped it. Walked out onto the platform dropped down into the tunnel and retrieved Nummy to the very happy squeals of the three year old, the grateful thanks of a Mother and the relief I’m sure of the other people on the platform.

See that’s a nice story, The guy stopped an oncoming train to rescue a little girls stuffed animal. Is it a big deal? You bet it is, that little girl loved that animal. To her Nummy is a friend, not a thing. How much better would he world be if more people took other peoples outlooks into consideration. Something someone else thinks is important may seem silly to you but it doesnt make how they feel about it any less because you may not understand it. Let me add my good thoughts and best wishes to the nice person who rescued Nummy, well done! You did a phenomenal days work you should be proud.



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