What types of fun things can you do on Fathers Day?

Happy Fathers Day! So far I didn’t have to make coffee and I got a hug from my youngest daughter. Good day, two more kids to come say hello to me and maybe give me some candy. I do like candy! I bet you could be wondering what types of things you can do for Dad this day, especially if you just did a desperate Internet search and came across this blog post. Well I will give you five ideas.

Vader follows his son pleading for a card.

Mow the yard or do some chores, do a few of those things you can usually hear your Dad complaining about under his breath. The things he hates. For me its mowing the yard. I don’t like mowing, its not a big yard and it’s not a hard job but I HATE the sound the mower makes. If it was me you could also get me some nice earplugs in case I have to do it anyway.

Nothing Better than a smiling Yard!

Get a nice toy for your Dad. No ties, no shirts. Nothing that requires work. Maybe a Yo-Yo or some Lego’s, something to play with thats fun and can remind him of when he was a kid. I’m a big fan of toys. Just like mothers don’t want cleaning stuff or kitchen stuff on mothers day, Dads don’t want stuff that reminds them of work. Get them something that reminds them of FUN!

This Lego kit would be AWESOME!!!

Fathers Day Surprises are always nice.Maybe you were a surprise 🙂 maybe you know it. You could go with the goofy gift and do something funny for Dad. Keep in mind they need a good sense of humor to pull this off but…  A nice box of condoms with a one page instructional sheet on how to use them. Maybe add a note saying something like “If you had had this “X” amount of years ago you wouldn’t be getting this gift now.”

Happy Fathers Day!

Pranks are good on Fathers Day. Maybe get one of your friends to come on over, and get your Dad to think its his long lost kid. Look up some old love letters or even some get your Mom in on the prank. She never liked that loser your Father was dating before her anyway. Put some thought into this and it could very well be the last fathers day you ever have to celebrate. Make sure you have the phone handy for the call to 911.

Maybe set the phone to speed dial 911

Last thing you can give your Dad this Fathers Day! A hug, I like them. I’m pretty easy, Coffee and a Hug and I’m good for the day. Gifts aren’t needed, dinners, parties, BBQ’s nothing really. I’m simple I already know my kids love me and I them. This fathers day give your Dad a hug and say “thanks for being awesome.” Simple enough.

Happy Fathers Day!


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