Maniacal laughter is not always appropriate!

Manically laughter and Evil Overlords do go hand in hand. It is in our best interest though to try and keep it to a minimum. They say laughter is the best medicine. Wait until you have succeeded though to indulge.

Hudson Hawk

You’ve won, so you think. The hero is in your clutches or dead. His sidekick vanquished, the heroine married to you now and your children have all been sent to their rooms to think about what it is they have done. You stand in front of your masterpiece of evil. Somewhere deep inside you an evil wellspring of joy wells up… it slips up through you, you tilt your head back and begin to cackle maniacally. YOU’VE WON!

What you missed though was one of the little side characters sneaking up behind you, reversing the polarity of your masterpiece and escaping through the ventilation shaft you STILL made to big. You throw the switch.. BOOM! Game over, one more Evil Overlord fails in his bid for power. Don’t start laughing until the plan is completed the results codified, parsed and graphed out so you know it worked. Then Start laughing… you WON!


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