Energy fields should be respected! Especially big ones.

Do you remember this quote “Phenomenal cosmic power!” Think of the next line… that could be the least of your worries. Many an Evil Overlord has attempted to receive more power to fuel his abilities, usually do his utter destruction.

Phenomenal cosmoc power

It’s a simple tip for that reason, never ever attempt to consume any type of energy field that is larger than your won head. It’s simply not smart to do. No matter how intelligent you are, how much of your brain you use the fact remains that the brain is a storage device… and when you overload it, it stops working. Of course, we want more power and greater abilities but if your brain explodes into a fine pink mist, I don’t think it will do you much good. Everyone’s Evil Overlord who has tried it has ended up either drooling on themselves, dead or insane. Mentally ill Overlords never last long they forget all the tips and usually end up dying some ignoble death at the hands of the Hero.

Just remember this, if it’s bigger then your head, you could end up dead!

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