No Power, No Problem… Training overcomes all.

Ever seen Star Wars, well of course you have. Remember the Ewoks? I hope so because those little guys knew how to fight, wih nothing more then bows, arrows, spears and well… tree traps lol.


You see even a poorly equipped indigenous force can cause havoc, especially in large numbers. Even if the Troopers had been able to see properly with their stupid helmets on they still would have been whooped. Seriously there are so many ways this particular battle went south but thats not the point of this particular Evil Overlord tip. We could mention wearing white day glow armor in a forest… but we wont. Instead lets concentrate on the weapons. Spears and bows worked fine for the Ewoks. they work fine in most situations. Pile on enough enemies and you will be overwhelmed. Take away the technological safety and now you really are screwed. It is for this reason you should train your troops in hand to hand combat and melee weaponry using the most basic of equipment. Standard issue swords and slings might not be a bad idea. Slings can use almost any small object and when wielded properly they can kill a man… or a Ewok. Swords of course are great in al situations, add in a nice dagger in case your troopers get buried under a pile of furry little teddy bears.

Seriously if Evil Overlord Palpatine hadn’t been killed by his own apprentice on his battle-station we would have had to of pulled his certification.





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