Know your strengths and weaknesses and remember this tip…

Never ever utter the fate full words, “I am Invincible!” You aren’t no one is. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is the key to being a successful Evil Overlord. However, Just as you are King n your realm so is Overlord Fate in hers… and claiming to be invincible just makes her mad, to your detriment.

No one is invincible or unbeatable. Think about it, Grand Admiral Thrawn… Stabbed. Lex Luthor Jailed… Palpatine, Vader, The Founders, and yes even Khan Noonien Singh. None were infallible, all powerful or invincible in the end. This usually occurs just when you are at the heights, when you have victory in sight and all your enemies lie bereft before you… Even if only in your head you think that you are invincible…. your done for Death at this point is practically instantaneous.

Keep your ego under control and your eyes open or you two could take a knife to the ribs, get tossed down a reactor or forget that space isn’t two dimensional.


One Reply to “Know your strengths and weaknesses and remember this tip…”

  1. Well, of course you say never say you’re invincible because you’re not and you thing everyone else is as wimpy as you are. But I have no need to say it here. You wouldn’t have to be invincible in order to be victorious around here. Hahahahahahaha!!!


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