“That’s No Moon,” Nope It’s A Very Expensive Chew Toy!

Having some kind of technological terror in your arsenal is an excellent thing, being able to project force with both an upper and lower case “F” is important. Waisting money on something that is going to be used as a chew toy for some rebel scum isn’t a good plan though.
Sure its fun to flip around in a giant battle station blasting planets and moons and irritating door to door salesman into little tiny bits. The problem is when some very small design flaw allows some farm boy  a broken-down ship to destroy the entire thing. Skywalker had never even flown an X-wing much less been in combat before the worst thing he ever had to do was bullseye womp rats from that broken ass old speeder. THEN… they built another one… instead of the hero killing it this time the Sidekicks did it in a busted up old freighter… Stupid. Evil Overlord Palpatine got what he deserved… if I had been Anakin, I would have thrown his ass into the reactor core too.

The Death Star is the easiest example… sometimes an Overlords only purpose in life is to serve as an example of what not to do… wasted all that money on TWO Death Stars and still got his ass killed… he could have spent a whole lot less and won… but no, he had to have the space station. Next time hire Fett.


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