Dogs, those magical creatures!


Dogs are magical creatures. They offer unconditional love and a sixth sense of  when they should put their heads in your lap. Mine have been following me around all day because I’m stressed. Little did I know Dogs have powers beyond what most of us have seen.

Loki and Rory.

We are in the yard puttering around while I wait for a phone call. I’m up for a job I really want and I’m impatient to get the phone call. So I’m killing time I walk around the yard picking up rocks from the yard and throwing them over the back fence into the woods. The dogs of course really like this… except for the part where they can’t get past the fence and into the woods.

Both of my canine friends have collars and tags. If you have every had a dog you know that when they scratch their tags jingle. They got bored with the chasing the rocks and decided to play a game of Woofie Tag. This is a game where they chase each other all over the yard growling and snarling and such. It usually starts with this a moment like this.

Right around this point my phone rang… FINALLY… turns out it was someone calling to take a survey… took me a minute to get them off the phone. When I hung up I heard the sounds of dogs scratching down in the back… I looked but couldn’t see either dog. This is a problem because a few weeks prior to this they had escaped the little one dug out… the big one went through the fence.

I can’t see them but I can hear them and they are close… so  I look about some more. From where I think they should be I don’t see dogs… I do see two butterflies though… chasing each other in circles, very similar to what my dogs do but in a much smaller and more three dimensional space, but no dogs. The jingling continues though almost in sync with the flying spirals of the butterflies.One of the kids comes to the back door to ask me a question so I look away from the sound and the butterflies to answer. When I turn back I don’t hear the jingling anymore. But I do see in the place I was looking this.

No Butterflies… and two dogs trying to act very nonchalant. I’m convinced now that they can somehow change themselves into butterflies. Other then the big whole in the fence that time we haven’t been able to really discover how the dogs gets out. Now I know, they transform and then fly out. Sneaky sneaky magical Ninja dogs.



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