Pets are a good and healthy addition to an Overlord’s repetoire but be careful!

Nothing better than a pet monster to while away the boring times. Jabba had his Rancor, Symour had his Audry and you could have whatever your heart desires as well. Just remember not to allow it free rein. Be kind to your pet monster just in case it does ever escape as well more on that later.

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There have been overlords who keep pets and do well with them, as Stated previously. Jabba was a good example of what happens when you have things well in hand. The rancor was kept below the throne room and the doors were never opened while the rancor was in the pit. Symour however lost his Girlfriend Audrey to Audrey the plant Monster or Chlorofiend as they are apparently called now. Plant Monster being a childish term as per Harry Dresden.

In most cases keeping a pet usually turns bad if you don’t think it through. Piranhas can eat your henchmen if they aren’t careful. velociraptor and for that matter dinosaurs in general are a poor choice having no sense of loyalty at all, just look at what happened on Isle Nebula. Some semi Intelligent creature is best. I keep a few Humans around for that reason.

The main thing to remember is to have their cage secured against accidental slips, trips and falls. Nothing could be more embarrassing then tripping over the lifeless corpse of the hero’s sidekick and falling into a pit of poisonous snakes.

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