I Woke up Sore, What happened? Could it Be Ninjas?

Does anyone besides me have this problem? I feel good at night; I crawl in my bed to go to sleep and thankfully drift off quickly. Then when I wake up… I’m sore, I feel like I have been getting my ass kicked all night. This happened today, as a matter of fact. The bed looks ok, its fairly comfortable when I lie down in it… but WOW in the morning.. Owww Owww Owww OWWIE!!!

I never remember my dreams, I know many people who do though so I’ll ask all of you who read this. What the hell is going on? I would be fine with it if I had been jumped in my dream by a pack of Ninjas and had fought them off. I’m not assuming anything here, I woke up so I know I must have won, Ninjas either kill you or die.

Or maybe If I was rescuing people from aliens or dinosaurs. That would make sense. A few cracked ribs and a bruised kidney in return for some dead Ninjas and rescued people. Hell I even have bruising on my forearms from defensive strikes. Which would seem to me to indicate Aliens, I think I would have bite marks if it had been dinosaurs.So what do you all think? I’m sure you have woken in the morning. Sometimes it’s from working hard the day before or exercising a great deal. These are reasonable and make sense. Me though I went to sleep feeling good and woke up with sore ribs. Beds not lumpy, I didn’t fall asleep on a book I had been reading for a change. I had bruising on my arms which to me… mean blocking punches or kicks, possibly weapons. My Left kidney area hurt as well as my right knee.. which is the one I usually lead with. Im thinking I got jumped by Dream Ninjas, seriously….


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