Hostess Closing? What the hell I need my Twinkies!

A Sad day, what will be the new quest for Zombieland II

Hostess, a company that makes yummy sugary snacking goodness is going out of business today. A strike by workers all across the US brought the confectionery king of the snack world to its knees. Hostess warned its employees that it would be filing for bankruptcy and sell off its brands if the plants didn’t reopen. Well, the strikers seemed to be in some kind of sugar deprived fugue state and allowed the deadline to pass… so now no more Twinkies.

RIP Almighty Twinkie… Your gone but the fat on all of our hips remains!

Once again, the US loses jobs... some 18,000 or so. On the positive side of the job loss, the fat index for people should drop a bit. P we can get workers at all the fast-food places to go on strike too. Possibly, today’s youth would be able to see their feet again. I digress though… I want my Twinkies. Several years ago hostess made Chocodiles… basically a Twinkie dipped in chocolate. From time to time, I would order some as a special treat. I had to order them because they were only made on the West Coast of the United States. Where the hell am I going to order them henceforth?

Better than Twinkies… Twinkies coated in a chocolate like substance.

Now we get no more Twinkies, Ho Hos, Zingers, Snow Balls, Yodels. What’s worse this makes Drakes Cakes and Dolly Madison defunct too. If you thought your favorite snack company was safe… it isn’t, Hostess owned them too. Hell You won’t even be able to get any Wonder Bread. It is a sad day for snack cakes. I mean what will we do without things like this.

MMMmmm Mmmm, Damn good eating.
Lets  be honest though… we do love those snack cakes, who cares whats in them so long as they taste delicious. The practical joke levels in corporate cubicle America will drop down dramatically though.

If you want though… here is how to make your own Twinkies… Print it out… use it. I know of at least one person who will desperatly need this in the coming years. So I hope she gets the link 🙂

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