Happy Thanksgiving, Slapsgiving — Err Happy Turkey Day… Drat… where are my Christmas Decorations!

Yes indeed it is that time of year again. Thanksgiving Day. Or if you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, Slapsgiving. I truly wish I could just slap some people on this Holiday but it’s frowned upon by most people… Maybe not the people who read what I post here but… in general. So what do you all do on Thanksgiving?

This is one Smart Turkey!

We celebrate Thanskgiving by getting in each other’s way in the kitchen. By aiming snide remarks at people, and by being thankful… that I don’t have to interact with these people so much on most other days. Just the sheer amount of crap to do leading up to this Holiday sucks. You see I’m broke… not a little broke but broke. I’m sure there are going to be more people here then I will want to tolerate. I don’t have time to shop but will have to. I don’t have time to decorate, which makes the kids unhappy and in the end, the people coming won’t care anyway, but I will think they do. What’s to be thankful for in that? Screw Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong though, I like to eat the pie at the end… I do like that part.

Nothing quite so yummy as multiple flavors of pie!
Nothing Like having a Happy Slapsgiving!


Everyone has stories about great Thanksgivings. Well, most people… not me though I can remember being young and going to my Aunts house for Thanksgiving with my Mom and my Grandparents that was nice, I got to see my cousins and play … had nothing to do with the food at that point. The Thanksgiving Day parade was a highlight, getting to see Santa was a big deal so I looked forward to that. Inevitably though the arguing would start. My Grandfather would say something stupid after getting a few scotches into him, my Aunt would get upset then my Uncle would yell and it would deteriorate into that greatest of Holiday pastimes… silently gnawing on your own liver. This is family though.. and I miss them all. I’d give almost anything to see my Uncles, Cousins and My Grandparents again. I can’t though… so now we swap the stories and they are funny, even if they weren’t at the time.

Thanksgiving at my place is always a fun time!

Thanksgiving brings on the Christmas holiday times. I should say it used to, now Christmas starts in September for retailers. When I was growing up it meant it was time to put up the tree and decorations, not anymore. Decorations have been up since September in most retail stores. I find it sad that we are some materialistic that we lose the true meaning… fighting with your family. I do miss the feelings I had as a kid and I try to make it possible for mine to have those same feelings and to be able to look back and wince while still feeling that warm sense of togetherness.

The Best Thanksgiving show ever!


Nothing is ever as good as it was when we were kids. I can remember my Grandparents telling of times past and how great it was, and how nice to have everyone together. I can remember my Mom and Aunt’s doing it.. now I do it.. I’m sure my kids think I’m crazy and compare it to the typical “back in my day,” theme.


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