The right kind of people in the work place — Staffing for an Evil Overlord!

Nothing is more important to the realm you are Overlord of then having the right people in the right positions. Hero’s frequent taverns and even brothels so insure you have the most cranky and exasperating people you can staffing those places in order to lower morale.

Carla, the perfect person for any drinking establishment. Cheers!
Carla, the perfect person for any drinking establishment. Cheers!

All of the hopelessly naive girls who are working at Daddy’s place to help out, need to be fired. If the Father won’t do it then burn the place down. Large breasted, empty headed bimbo’s should be given clerical work to do in the ministry of over-lordship. What you truly want to have in place is people like Carla, those world weary spirits who will burst the heroes bubble, mock them for their beliefs and be an overall pain in the ass. There is nothing worse for the moral of the hero and his party then to come in for a hot meal and some camaraderie, only to be treated like the scum of the earth.

You can find people like Carla all over the world, usually working in some type of retail. Find the ones who have done it for years, they hate people. An added bonus to hiring people outside the field of waitressing and bartending is this; they will almost always get the orders wrong making the hero that much more miserable and when the hero complains, politely of course, the “Carla’s” of the world will tell them to stop whining and drink or eat whatever they were given…. this is a win win!


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