House Cleaning Tips — Throw it out!

No one ever asks me for house cleaning tips. It isn’t because I can’t do it, or I’m bad at it. The reason no one asks me for tips is this. I throw most everything away. I decided to take a break from cleaning today to share my method of cleaning with all of you. There are three very simple rules to my cleaning.

How very true this is.

Go to the room furthest from the exit to the garbage cans, whatever room that happens to be. Walk to the corner furthest from the door. Pull a garbage bag out of your back pocket (have several). The follow my five simple rules.


Do you know where it goes? If you do move it to where that is. Another room outside, in the attic. Just get it out of the room you are working in.

  1. Is It Ugly? Then throw it out, don’t keep ugly crap around you, get rid of it. I don’t care who bought it for you or where it came from throw it out.Boxes of stuff
  2. Is it disgusting? Then throw it out, like rule number two don’t keep gross stuff.hoarders
  3. Is It broken? AGAIN throw it out, you wont fix it stop lying to yourself thats where all this crap came from in the first place.broken-furniture
  4. Are you unsure what it is? That is alright move it to the next room closest to the garbage cans, chances are it will end up there.Weird Chair

This is pretty simple people, if you know where it goes put it there, if its ugly, nasty or broken throw it out. Not sure where it goes but rule two three and four don’t apply, then move it to the next room  while your subconscious works on where it goes. Worse case that item can be donated, but ONLY if you can donate it right then. Otherwise you will never get rid of it. You aren’t really going to fix that chair, or repair that stove. Your just gonna pile it all up until you can’t even remember why you had it. Get rid of it.

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