A to Z challenge is about to start again…. What to do what to do.

There are not many more days until the Blogging from A to Z challenge starts. This is something I did last year, and admittedly, it was definitely a challenge. The goal, to post once a day starting with the letter “A” and ending with “Z.” I know it sounds simple, but it wasn’t. Coming up with ideas every day, articulating them, plus time management issues all made this a good exercise and formed very useful habits for me going forward. Of course it was also A lot of fun!!!!

A to Z Blogging Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge

During the month of April, I and approximately 1,350 other people will be participating. I am number 388 on the list. Topics span across all areas, I choose humor, perhaps I should have gone with miscellaneous. I know not everything I put up is funny, but, for the month of April it will be, or at least funny to me. Some blogs went with a theme, others were very random and entertaining (ME ME ME!!!) . This year I do have a theme, though it may not be what you think, and likely won’t be what I think either, won’t that be fun! For example this picture below… will have something to do with “A.”


My aim this year is to be educational and entertaining. Follow along and learn, or laugh… or well, just follow along 🙂


5 thoughts on “A to Z challenge is about to start again…. What to do what to do.

  1. ARDollak says:

    I’m gearing up and anxiously waiting for the A to Z Blogging Challenge myself. Last year, I made through with one blog. This year, I want to challenge myself with all three of my blogs. I wonder how far I’ll get. I look forward to your posts!


  2. rhonda albom says:

    I love humor. I am a new subscriber. I am doing humor through AtoZ travel tips. If your on twitter, join our AtoZ light and lively tribe over at triberr.


  3. Pam says:

    Just popped over to give you a follow from the A-Z Challenge. I’m already behind!


  4. ladysknight says:

    should be fun
    Will see you at A to Z


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