It’s “Abasement”, Not A Basement.

With the start of the A to Z challenge I have decided to go with a theme. My theme is simple… “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Yes I have recently watched The Princess Bride however, I decided to do this because of my Mom. She misuses, miss says, and generally butchers the English language. It’s endearing and fun most days. Some of these will be actual “Mom Words.” Some will be pet peeves and a few I may just have to make up depending on what letter we happen to be on that day.Inigo Montoya

Today of course is the letter “A” this is where the picture comes in from Last week. The kids had made dinner and there was a lot of, “It could have been better”, I’m not very good at this”, conversations. This went on for a while and at some point the word Abasement, was used. I can’t be sure when because the conversation went downhill from there. My Mom asked what the basement has to do with dinner? (Sigh). Now I’m used to this, she has been calling Yoda, Yodel since the Empire Strike Back came out, Ibuprofen is pronounced I-Bute-Protin and the list goes on. I can’t actually be certain she doesn’t do it just to twist my tale in a knot. But now with three grandkids all in their teen years… it’s gotten bad. The Oldest started telling the youngest that they hoped no rat hairs got in the food from the basement, The middle kid wanted to know when we could start using the game table as a cutting board and of course I chimed in with comments about it being a bogeyman created smorgasbord.

It's Abasement, not A Basement.
It’s Abasement, not A Basement.

Lets clear this up a bit. Abasement is used to indicate a lowering of status, or humbling. For example,  If my Mother reads this I hope she laughs and doesn’t feel as though I am abasing her. A Basement is where the Boogeyman lives… see that, two different things! The only way you could possibly combine the two would be to do something like this.

“Only being allowed to store old forgotten things and discarded memories the Basement felt abased.”

That’s simply crazy, basements are some of the most self assured people I know. That’s todays lesson, stay tuned tomorrow for some odd word starting with “B” that’s has been misappropriated by my Mom… or someone… If it’s my Mom then it means she didn’t read todays blog, if it’s someone else, lets call her “Jane”. Then it means she read todays and I’m trying not to get grounded.

7 Replies to “It’s “Abasement”, Not A Basement.”

  1. So much of this sounds just like my mom… are you sure we aren’t long lost siblings or something? One of the funniest things my mom says is “escape goat.” As though there is a conveniently-placed goat you can ride away upon when danger arises. I look forward to hearing more of these this month!


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