Bait and Switch or Bait the Switch. You Decide!

I bet you’re wondering what “B” will be for todays A to Z challenge.  Since my Mom hasn’t seen yesterdays post yet I think it’s safe to continue using her as an example. Mom likes to look through catalogs and pick things out that would be nice for the house or the yard. She worries though about a possible “Bait-the-switch.”

Watch your fingers when throwing this switch.
Watch your fingers when throwing this switch.

I know and you know she means bait and switch. That is when a company or person attempting to sell something advertises an item at a low-cost but doesn’t actually have it, instead they push to get you to buy something more costly. I’m not certain what a Bait-the-switch could be… but it sounds painful, at least in that it seems similar to a well executed bait and switch.

I have an image of some nefarious little creature sneaking around at night and removing the cover from the light switch so the electrical wires are exposed and then sticking candy on it so I will be tempted to grab it. Then since I can’t help myself but reach for the candy, this would happen.

Well at least I won't have to do my hair today!
Well at least I won’t have to do my hair today!

I tell all this to my Mom and she laughs at me saying that I’m silly… me? Silly, I think not. Then when I ask my mom what a Bait-the-switch is she tells me what it is supposed to mean. It isn’t that she doesn’t know she just says it wrong. I’m used to it now though. it’s like I have a Universal Translator running all the time.

While looking for interesting pictures about bait and switch I came across one that is not strictly correct but is close enough and it made me laugh. We all know what a bait and switch is but this picture seemed to show it in simple terms. Your offered one thing… To kick a football, and get something else, falling on your head.

They have us right where they want us!


5 Replies to “Bait and Switch or Bait the Switch. You Decide!”

  1. I have to giggle at how your mother says it. I’ve myself a few times saying the same when I mean the other. You definitely have a humorous spin to the post. Loving it so far. I can’t wait to see the rest.


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