E is for… Ewalks????

I was a bit late with the “D” posting, figure I should get a bit ahead on the “E” post and then… I didn’t. Life interjected itself into my schedule; I hate when that happens.

Some of you know I am a fan of Star Wars. It’s the first movie I can remember seeing in the theater, and they sold action figures in the lobby… I got C3P0 and R2D2, my Mom bought them for me. I love those movies… well except for Jar Jar but other than that I love them. My Mom likes them too… we went together to all the ones that followed. Episode I, II and III were my treat. She gets some of the names confused. I’m sure you remember me commenting about Master Yodel. Then there are times when she confuse Star Wars with Star Trek. Then, well, then… there are Ewalks…

It's time to go for a walk YAH!
It’s time to go for a walk YAH!

Those cute cuddle little teddy bear like creature from Return of the Jedi.. Mom thinks they are Ewalks… I suppose the Ewoks could have pets called Ewalks… anything is possible but I doubt it… Lucas does some crazy things but…  Ewalks?  Like I said though she gets confused sometimes. These are Ewoks, well and one Wookie… I don’t see any Ewalks though.


I won’t belabor the Star Wars things by using some for each letter so here is a list. We can throw in some Star Trek as well…

Yodel = Yoda.    Star Trak = Star Trek    Lightsaver = Light Saber    Hand Solo = Han Solo (this one cracks me up every time)

I’m sure you get the idea! See you all later for the letter “F”!


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