I have to say I’m seriously Fusstrated…. no that’s not misspelled.

You read that correctly… Fusstrated, It’s fusstrating to have a problem with frusstration…. Alright maybe it isn’t.  Todays word though is “Fusstrated.” I’m certain it will be used in a sentence if she ever gets around to reading the blog posts this month, as well as some choice swear words… Well Mom Swear words anyway (laugh).

Frustration is different than Fusstration.
Frustration is different from Fusstration.

As far as I can tell Fusstration could be spelled like this Fuss-tration. Then it would mean removing the fuss from a situation which would actually cut down on most people’s frustration. If this is the case then I’m a big fan of this word and think we should all attempt to make this word a part of our daily lives. I suppose that would make it an antonym…. My Mom is smart when she makes up her own words :). A good example of fuss-tration in a sentence would be…. “I was frustrated with my writing today, but my Mom helped me by Fuss-trating the process.” It’s like castration or defenestration it removes unwanted problems… Umm wait… never mind that first one.

One way to remove Fuss from your life.
One way to remove Fuss from your life.

The problem is she doesn’t really use it that way she uses it in place of the word frustration, which is frustrating to me and confusing to her grandkids. My younger daughter has taken to making her own dictionary now with words in it from all of the times I have said, “that’s not a word.” I’m probably going to use some of those words in the A to Z challenge too, just because some of them are pretty funny. I’m certain Fuss-trated will be added later today once she reads this.






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