K is for King Con!

Today with the letter “K” on the A to Z Challenge we have King Kong, or as my Mom likes to say King Con! Which to me means this…

Here is the King of Con's
Here is the King of Con’s

I know she mean’s King Kong… and not that horrible film made a few years ago either.. but the old one… black and white. I can remember watching it in my living room on Thanksgiving almost every year with my Grandmother… she loved the monster movies. Introduced me to all of the old monsters. Godzilla, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, The Werewolf. Every Saturday afternoon there would be “Monsterfest”, at least I think thats what it was called. If it was raining out I’d sit and watch with her. Sometimes my Mom would be off and she would always ask is “King Con on…” (Laugh).. Sometimes he was.. King Kong, diferent versions… Vs Godzilla… there were A lot of them.

king-kong-postersI think it’s funnier now… The King of Con’s…. Maybe they can make a new Movie… I’d go see it.



4 Replies to “K is for King Con!”

  1. I’ve never seen the original, but I’ve seen the 70s version several times. Which I liked. I started watching the newest version not long ago, and the disc kept skipping and stopping. I didn’t bother asking the video store for a new one because the beginning was so boring. I kept wondering when King Kong was going to show up. I suppose he did eventually, but I’d rather try find the original than watch that 3rd one again.


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