Lies, and Kids, Kids and Lies.

Yesterday was interesting, my younger daughter and son were doing their chores. Normally this takes them hours because of all the fooling around, that’s ok though it gets done. Yesterday though while I was writing a completely different “L” word post for the A to Z challenge… the Boy kicked the Girls hand, screaming and crying were instant.

Tears came and lips quivered.
Tears came and lips quivered.

I look at her hand… it’s shaking the pinky finger looks odd… Oh boy, this is going to be a fun day. We go up to the kitchen and get a bag of peas… peas being a good icepack, especially since I hate eating them. Then I get everything together for  a trip down to the doctor. I don’t like doctors…Hand Xray

Doctor’s office is empty… WOW, so I pay the ticket price to see the Doc and in we go. The Doctor asks questions and manipulates the finger… there are some tears but no where near what there should be if it’s broken. I’ve broken bones… including my pinky, if I had stubbed a toe when I first broke my finger I would have yelled.. vibrations travel, so not broken… good…good.

Then the Doc tells her to trick her brother into thinking he broke it so he feels bad, because apparently that’s what you do to siblings. This goes on for  a while and I say to my daughter if you can make him cry Ill buy you pizza. Then I specify, “without hitting him,” because she’s my Daughter and it’s necessary to spell it out. I wasn’t serious just trying to take her mind off of her hurt finger by making her laugh.

So home we go, I take the dogs out and head into the back yard coffee in hand to enjoy the sunshine for a bit before returning to my writing.  Half an Hour goes by and out comes my Son and Daughter… He’s crying. Seem he was convinced that he did so much damage to his Sisters hand that they were going to have to amputate it from the 2nd knuckle up. This is the part where you all call me names… I was joking sheesh… Half an hour later we’re all in the car headed for….

Mmmmm... Emotional scarring for Pizza..
Mmmmm… Emotional scarring for Pizza..



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