It’s an Ordrary day here… Ordinary it is not… but it is.. but it isn’t Im so confused.

Ordrary… Or ordinary. See I would think that an ordinary day would be kind of boring, but, and “ordrary” day could be filled with something… exactly what I’m not certain. Ordrary could mean a day filled with great Oratory, or perhaps something involving space monkeys then it would be extraordinary… hard to say but there it is.

Extra Ordinary Monkey... Or just a Ordrary one.
Extra Ordinary Monkey… Or just a Ordrary one.

Nothing Ordinary about monkeys in space is there? Back to the “Ordrary” though, you become used to the words that are in use around you everyday, even words that aren’t mainstream… or even outside-the-household, stream (laugh). Fact is that most people have some words they use that are made up. Ever year new words are added to the dictionary, in 2012 words like “Man Cave” and, “Sexting”. you can find a list HERE, if you are interested.


Next time you hear something that you don’t think is a word… It could just be.. maybe this year, “naunch” could be a word… its Ordrary anyway.. least around here 🙂

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