Naunch… Did I spell that right? Naunch, Naunch, Naunch…

This is a word used frequently here at my house. Mom, started it so far as I know. Naunch – Meaning to snack on things. “I want to naunch on something.” Usually chips, sometimes with dip. Could be carrots or grapes but it was usually chips. Sometimes we would make a trip to the store to get something to naunch on when I was a kid. Now when I go grocery shopping and I ask if she wants anything I am told, “Grab me something to naunch on!”

Naunch, Naunch, Naunch... Like NOM NOM NOM only cooler.
Naunch, Naunch, Naunch… Like NOM NOM NOM only cooler.

It’s used all through my family, perhaps soon it might be used in yours too. When I started thinking about how to use it  in sentences it occurred to me that it would be very appropriate in certain circumstances… since it seriously has a feel of onomatopoeia. Let me give you an perfect example I thought up.


You had to admire them, relentless, uninhibited and yes gruesome. Nothing fazed them as they wandered down the roadway, content perhaps in their journey. One in particular seemed to be enjoying a nice snack, casually naunching on a rotted leg with the shoe still attached. “Zombies coming down the highway sir, maybe a mile off.”

Naunch, naunch, naunch...
Naunch, naunch, naunch…

This seems to be the best use of the word, It sounds like exactly what a zombie eating would sound like. Perfect example right? Now this isn’t really what my Mom means, but it’s hard to get the image out of my mind now… Maybe it is for you to. So next time you have a nice snack, or a bit of a naunch… remember, BRAINZZZ… lol


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