Quiet… just a piece please.

Peace and quiet, something we all strive for in our lives. Well, when you have kids anyway. Now I know this is the “Q” post for the A to Z Challenge, but, I couldn’t skip Profetic… and it seemed to me that really this is more of a “Q” word anyway its just got a different letter to start it off… My Mom is a big, big fan of a Piece of quiet. She has never said it wrong, but once long, long ago I can remember her telling my Grandmother that she would love to have just a small piece of quiet… she meant it that way too lol. I had a lot of friends over that day and well…. we were loud.

Yep... sounds about right.
Yep… sounds about right.

I could use a small piece of a quiet myself most days. Of course now I have kids… SO I understand better. Even when they tell you they are trying to be “Quiet”… they really aren’t kids can whisper louder then a adult can yell sometimes… at least from my perspective. For all of you parents out there, searching for that elusive piece of quiet… invest in some earplugs. It works wonders for me.

What I think Piece's of quiet are!
What I think Piece’s of quiet are!

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