You don’t need to be a prophet to learn about the word “Profetic!”

Yes indeed.. as You may have noticed, those of you doing or checking up on the A to Z challenge Blogs, I have been a bit behind. I am trying to catch up, while maintaining the fun of my chosen format… which is making fun of my Mom in a good natured and fun loving way in case she reads it. Mostly, because it would be embarrassing to be grounded at my age.


Continuing on, This particular post is for the letter “P,” which is for Profetic, or Praphetic… maybe prophetic.. nah. Well I have a “Profetic,” thought… you will soon want Chinese food

Not really a profit.. prophet... errr... I wanted some cookies is all... now you do too.
Not really a profit.. prophet… errr… I wanted some cookies is all… now you do too.

See how well that worked… Now I really do want some Chinese food though.. Be right back need to make a phone call… I’m back.. I have 15 minutes to finish this post then I have to go get my food. So… my Moms use of the word refers to … well I’m not sure it could be Profit… or Prophet.. or it could be something totally different. It seems to be used in place of many other words, words I am familiar with but in a different way, perhaps she is a prophet and I should be endeavoring to take down all that she says for prosperity… Oh wait I AM doing that 🙂


One Reply to “You don’t need to be a prophet to learn about the word “Profetic!””

  1. This is a fun way to write some “history” about your mom. I think I will do the same. My vote, (in case you are asking) is to finish your A-Z series. I have 3 more left to finish. Congrats a=on getting as far as you did!


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