Reality is just a certain point of view.

I fell behind, like most people on the planet I put to much on my plate and didn’t make it. I’m also stubborn so I will finish this even if I am late. I wrote that when I was only a day late, now I’m more than two weeks late but I will finish anyway.

Work InterruptionsBack to reality, or at least my interpretation if it. The above is a bit accurate for me, minus the golfball through the window.  So my reality interrupted what I was doing with the A to Z challenge some of that was me letting it and some of it was life not letting me. That’s fine I enjoy life, I got quite a few other things done, important things. I committed myself do doing the challenge though, and while I may be finishing it late I will be finishing it. Always finish what you start it makes your life better.

Finsh what you startLife is what happens, it’s reality, its perception and no one gets out alive anyway. Do what’s right for you!

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