So I says…..

Back to things my Mom says…. The biggest one isn’t a misused or misappropriated word… It’s something she says. Mom like to tell stories, we all have our verbal idiosyncrasies Mom’s is “So I says…” Followed by whatever it is she said to someone, followed by, followed by. So I says to my Mom, “What did you say next?” She say’s “So I says…. and that’s when I get this look om my face.

Confused Dog

How many people do you know that have a signature type word, or sentence? Here are a few of the ones my friends and family use.

“and again.” which is added to anything they feel the need to say twice. Sometimes after the first statement and after it and then… again.

“I’m just saying.” which I’ve gone over already a few postings back

“Ya, well, you know.”





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