Tanger Outlets… Or is it Tangee’s.

The Tanger Outlets, pretty neat place, lots of shops and stores, the one by me has a nice atmosphere too. You can find their website here. My Mom calls it the Tangee’s Outlet or Tangiers… Makes me think of someplace that sells Tangerines.. which Is fine I like Tangerines,they are yummy.

Lets get some Tangerines!
Lets get some Tangerines!

Mom does like it there though, She takes her Grand-kids there for their birthday shopping. Nice that she does that taking the kids out. All three kids know what she means when she says Tangees… 🙂 I of course shake my head, although I do catch myself saying it from time to time. See, this is what happens if you get used to having something called the wrong thing all the time eventually you respond to the new name. My dogs answer to different names… I have a nice and nephew who think they are George and Gracie. So I guess all i can say is, well played mom, well played.




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