Waste…. It’s a way of life.

Frequently in my house I hears the words, “Why did you waste that?’, what a waste… I’m sure you have all heard the same. It’s the things that I was wasting that always surprised me. Now I say the same to my kids and even some adults around me on how much we waste… but it all starts with my Mom.

Remember hearing that? Finish what's on your plate. Don't waste that.
Remember hearing that? Finish what’s on your plate. Don’t waste that.

Mom, and my Gram were both good for that, so was my Gramp. I apparently wasted a lot of things. here are a few…

Leaving the refrigerator door open for to long… Would get me a “What’s in there hasn’t changed close the door your wasting electricity.”

Leaving the door open to long… “Your letting all the heat out, stop wasting heat.”

Not finishing my food… “Clean your plate we don’t waste food.” Which I found annoying hen younger since I didn’t put all that food on my plate.

This one was my favorite…

Don't waste cloths, we can fix those.
Don’t waste cloths, we can fix those.

Nothing better than going to school with patched pants… and the patches never matched either… kids buy clothes like this on purpose now… but when I was a kid… WOW.. lol you got made fun of.

Lots of things about waste growing up… of course living with my Grandparents who lived through the depression had something to do with that. Nothing ever got wasted at my home.  Food, clothes, water… sheesh water… We didn’t have a pool but we did play in the sprinkler… as it moved around the yard while watering the grass, Don’t waste water… I kinda miss it… Waste not want not…



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