Zerro!!!! The Masked Number….

It’s The masked avenger… ZERO!!!! Umm no… no that isn’t it. I believe it’s Zorro! Mom of course called him zero when I was little. I have to tell you… I was very confused when I was younger lol.

Not sure if Mom as a fan but I liked Zorro as a kid.
Not sure if Mom is a fan but I liked Zorro as a kid.

I even liked the newer one, but Errol Flynn was the best Zorro. Saturday afternoons sometimes a Zorro would come on. Always on Thanksgiving though, some form of Zorro movie would be on for me to watch.  Mom would wander in to check on me, I usually left to get away from the adults, from time to time she would come in the room… I’m betting for the same reason (laugh) and would ask what I was watching, I’d tell her and then it would happen, “I Love Zorro!”


I seem to remember Zorro being played in a TV show by the letter “Z” or maybe it was a number “0” and being dressed like Zorro. It was probably Sesame Street. Any of you remember that? I searched for pictures or even a video but had no luck.



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