Phone’s are amazing!

It seems to me that having a smart phone in todays world is almost a necessity. For example; I’m writing this from my phone now using a wordpress app.


Is this something I couldn’t do from
my laptop? No, of course I could. Handheld, portable, powered… impressive. My phone is an alarm clock, calender, calculator, handheld game device…. it’s everything. I do take it for granted though… and it does certainly make me less able to function in the world.

There was a time I knew everyone’s  phone number and address. I don’t now. I used to be able to do simple math… no longer. Birthdays and anniversaries I usually remembered. Not anymore.

of course it is fun to play games, complex games… im not counting video poker.

Really though… this post is just to see what it looks like when I write it from my phone.


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