Something to read…. read this

You see, I had been trying to figure out what I should read today and then discovered I couldn’t decide. I just finished reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time. .. again. If you haven’t read that and you enjoy really lengthy gigh fantasy epics I say give it a shot … took me four weeks this time.

The Wheel Of Time

Now though, I’m stuck for ideas. I do read a lot and with the loss of almost every bookstore it’s harder to find new things. Browsing Amazon is by no means the same as going into a store and browsing. I like my kindle and I like my phone I read using both of those but, I miss the bookstore.


I think maybe I should open myself a little bookstore  someplace. I think it  fairly often but I know I  couldnt live off that.  I’ve seen three bookstores in the town I live in close. Plus Borders books which I shopped in every Tuesday when new books would release. I know enough to know it cant work.

My point is… I’m looking for something else to read… toss out ideas I’m hopeful someone can recommend an author i haven’t read… I like ongoing story telling like The Dresden Files, Wheel of Time, Belgariod. I’ll read stand alones… I’ll read…

A good story

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