Why Am I always to blame — A Monitors Lament.

We all blame someone at some time, for some thing. I, and many others like to place the blame firmly on the shoulders of the most innocent of bystanders. That’s right you guessed it, the innocent computer screen. If something goes wrong with an electronic device it is always the screen that takes the blunt of our rage.

Screen’s are treated terribly, phone, tv, computer, all shapes and sizes. Cruelty knows no bounds, in todays modern technological world. The screen has nothing to do with what the problem is in 90 % of all cases, omitting all in one pcs. All the screen does is display whatever you… or the gremlins tell it to. Blue screen of death… not the screens fault, the computers. Little tiny printed messages on your smart phones screen… the computers fault not the screen. Yet we punish the poor innocent screen for the failings of it’s true controller, and in the is case the villain.

This is true in many other regards too.  For example, you’re flying down the highway doing 85 and suddenly, behind you, flashing lights.  For a moment you think “hey free light show!” Then you realize it’s not going to be free.  For who do the Lights blink… they blink for you.  Now the Police officer comes up asks politely for your license and registration and… Your thinking, this asshole pulled me over, I hate him!  When in fact, it’s you, you’re the asshole. You were the one speeding, weaving in and out of the lanes tossing bear cans out the window. it’s you… Stop that!



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