Car Blinkers and You!

I have to tell you, one of the most irritating things a driver can do to me is drive for miles with their blinker on.  Driving with one blinker on makes no sense to me.  Even in olden times when Fred  Flintstone cars were the norm the car made a sound. Snic-Snic… That’s what It did. Now they Beep and chime and whistle and I’m sure Bell just for the sake of consistency.

Image result for leaving my blinker on

So I follow along watching it blink and wondering what the person driving is thinking about?  Maybe, they have the radio on and can’t hear the sound. Possible, but they should still be able to see the blinking light on the panel unless it is so loud that the driver is completely blinded by sound now as well. I suppose it could be possible that they think they have to much blinker fluid and are trying to use some up. Lord knows enough folks run out of blinker fluid and that cause a complete lack of blinker use at all. Mostly what I think is some people are just oblivious as to what is going around them. Radio on, drinking the coffee, texting, singing,  putting on makeup, reading the paper, checking their email on the laptop. You are laughing, I’ve been in a car with a person who does it.On the other side of this is the ones who never signal anything… they just drive around like they are on some preprogrammed computerized route that everyone knows about. Turn left, Turn right… nope, you have to guess what they are doing. These are usually the people who also swerve in and out of lanes trying to knock 45 seconds of their travel time. To these lovely people… and you know who you are I give you this coupon. Use of that just to let you know that you… (pointing out of monitor) YES YOU! use your blinkers.


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