Rethinking and Retooling – New Years Resolutions!

Every 1st of the year millions of people make some form of promise to themselves. New Years resolutions, you know what I mean. You are going to improve your life, fix the things you need to and be better. You will transform magically into that which you have always known you could be… BATMAN! No, just kidding about the Batman part, at least you are.Image result for batman resolution

All kidding aside though we all do this, we make a commitment to ourselves full of determination and fully resolved to be the master of yourself in the coming year. Well folks, it’s the 28th now and here I am reminding you, and myself that if it hasn’t gone exactly as planned yet. Trying to change everything at once wasn’t a very good plan was it. What we might all need to do is  take a look at what we wanted to do, and how it’s gone so far. Take stock as it were, make some tweaks, some small but necessary changes so we can succeed in our New Years Resolution. Perhaps we were too positive in our thinking, maybe our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, or goals bigger than reality.Don’t give up hope, break it down into smaller more attainable goals. For myself, I need to lose some weight and to do that I went a bit crazy with what I was going to accomplish daily. I will simply say it didn’t work, most days I forgot. It’s was to complex and hard to fit all of the things in. My one resolution became a shopping list of things I would have to do to achieve that goal. Running, sit-ups, pushups, eating habits, bedtimes and a schedule. My life went from something not structured to some crazy remembrance of boot camp.  I have decided that instead I will just walk my dogs when it’s not freezing out, or raining… or monsters outside. One other thing, no more soda. I drink A lot of soda, way to much in general and with all the sugar and corn syrup… my goodness. I know this will help and I know it will get me to my New Years Resolution.  Goals , small steps, maybe nice slow ones considering the picture below which made me laugh and has no bearing on the them of this posting.

Image result for new years resolutions demotivational

Rethink what you wanted to do this year, trim it down a bit. Being realistic is better than being committed (see what I did there). So I want to wish all of you a very happy New Years Re-Resolution.

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