5 Obvious facts we forget about.

It’s hard to recognize some simple things about ourselves and our lives.  Humans as a race tend to ignore simply facts about their lives.  With that in mind lets just jump right in and see what we can find shall we?

1.) You will Die. Oh yes at some point the thread of your life will be snipped away from the pattern of creation.  It could be now or, 50 years from now. As I type this in I realize it could be today for me if I don’t manage to get some laundry done like I promised I would. It could be in midsentence as I type this in, or for you as you read it… Think about that for a moment, I’ll wait… Get it now? Good so enjoy the journey, do more, be more, see more. Most of all, live more

Life is a journey
It’s all about the journey.

2.) Happiness is not the purpose of life. Don’t get me wrong I am all for happiness I’m fairly happy right now. For some it is their purpose… and if you ask one of those people I have a nickel, an entire roll of them, that says they are less happy then you are.  When you aim for something as intangible as happiness… well it frequently turns to mist in your hand. Stick with things you can hold in your hand. Save a Pet, Raise a Kid… rob a bank 9just checking of you are paying (attention)

Don't wait
Don’t wait

3.) Disappointment comes from within. That’s right, from within… it’s all inside of you all of it. No where else can you find it, no one else causes it. It’s you, all you. Someone lets you down again and again, your disappointed… that’s on you. Your expectations dictate how you react in the end. You should have high expectations, and also a good grasp on reality then you wont be disappointed. Yes,  Star Wars episode I sucked, but, I wasn’t disappointed it had Light Sabers.

Star Wars Episode I Fight Scene!

4.) Some people just don’t care.  Remember that Line from the Dark Knight, “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”? Well that’s what it is. They don’t care, it’s that simple. They don’t care about your problems, the worlds, or anything but themselves. There is nothing you can do about it. These wonderful people, there is nothing you can do to change it or them. Some outside force might be able to do it, usually something catastrophic. Just move on and hope for the best… remember number 4, disappointment comes from within.

I'm not sure if he would but, Hey he's a good Doc anyway!

5.) It’s all Worth it.

It's worth it
It’s all gonna be worth it in the end

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