Groundhogs day! The Results are IN!


Stupid Rodent



Groundhogs day is not even a real holiday. Did you know that? It’s an observance. Apparently if we observe the Groundhog observing his shadow then we are all stuck with six more weeks of winter.  I m not a fan of this idea, this… observance of things.

So Phil, and I do have his permission to call him that, saw his Shadow. There are others not as notorious as Phil so we will stick with just him since he is close to my home state of New York.

What does this mean for us… it means six more weeks of winter, it means it could snow… I don’t like snow and I’m rather upset with Phil. out of the 131 times groundhogs day has been recorded the little rodent has only predicted an early spring 18 times. he’s a jerk.

Anyway, happy Groundhogs day.





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