A Steaming Heap of – Well You Know

“I’m not going to take your crap anymore!”  That’s what I hear all the time, not always directed at me… In truth, it is usually not directed at me.  What I get for the most part is “Your full of crap!” I intentionally spelled “your” that way because that person is pretty stupid and they don’t know the difference. Image result for your you're

I’m getting off topic though, this is about crap… What is that crap piled up there? Well, I’m not sure but it needs to go someplace else, like a compost pile maybe?  Funny thing is you can call it crap, as in, “move your crap”. If you tell them it’s garbage though… Woooo Boy, look out because that’s a problem. Suddenly, you’re in an argument about how just because it’s not yours doesn’t make it garbage. Crap though, that’s ok. No problem. Image result for Garbage can fuunyFacts are facts, and crap is garbage I think we should all get behind this idea and just move on with our lives.  No one gives a crap.

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