Karma Isn’t a Person With a Checklist

Karma isn’t a simple matter of getting what you give.  There isn’t some person named Karma walking around with a tablet making good marks and bad marks depending on the situation.  You have Karma confused with Santa.  If there was some guy, or girl… It would be a girl for sure, named Karma the whole world would be a nicer place to live.

Karma from League of Legends Vs. Santa From the North Pole

Unfortunately for you, Karma doesn’t work that way. It’s not a vending machine, pop in a $1.25 and out pops a can of Jack Daniels in a sippy box with a straw. Don’t judge, you have your dreams and I have mine. Karma can’t be bribed, bought, tricked or cheated. You just have to wait until it happens. The wait can be excruciatingly long, or Karma can strike and no one notices.

I want one of these at work.

Let’s say that you, my loyal reader has been pumping change into the Karma machine at a regular pace.  Mostly good things, kind words and actions, charitable works… you know the things you do better than I.  Oddly, nothing good comes your way, or so you think.  Well, let me ask you this, how would you know?  Perhaps that near miss at the traffic intersection this morning was your payback.  The fact that you haven’t been eaten by a pack of Jackalopes might be a Karma at work.  Maybe there were going to be cuts at your new job, and instead they found other offsets to keep you on. All without you even knowing about it.  Karma, doesn’t advertise it just is. These thoughts you have of things just aren’t going your way, maybe they are, and you simply don’t know about it.

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