Statistics On Crime – No Not Really

We all want things, things we would do almost anything to attain. If you have been reading along it should be clear by now that I want a Velociraptor and a complete abolishment of garden gnomes. I want you to keep something in mind though. Owning a thing, a thing that is WAAAAYYYY cool causes others to want what you have. These people could lie, cheat, steal, and even kill to obtain that which you have.

Image result for stealing your stuff
Stop Thief!

Seriously, what the point in walking my new Pet Velociraptor if some guy in a Robin mask is just going to swing in toss him in a sack an… ummm wait. No that example doesn’t work. Chompy, that’s my pets name, would eat that guy. Instead, let’s go with you have this really nice watch. Guy runs up snatches it off your wrist and steals you hat too. I mean come on, who steals a hat?Image result for hat thief

Now, you can’t tell what time it is. You probably couldn’t anyway, expensive watches don’t let you read the time. To make matters worse, now the sun is beating down on your uncovered head as well.  Could this day possibly get any worse?


Having expensive stuff doesn’t make you cool or important. Having expensive stuff just makes you a crime statistic that hasn’t occurred yet… bastard took my hat, sheesh.




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