I Hate That Guy!

In my many years of life on this Blue Marble floating through the void, I have come to the conclusion that we all have a Nemesis. The person changes from time to time, dependent on life and work.  Here is the situation; guy at work SUCKS. So far so good right? Maybe Gal at work.  They never actually do anything. They talk all the time. They say inane thing like, “Yeah, but. What if…” They are self-promoting, asshats with delusions of grandeur. When they do something wrong it was never them, but “those” other people.  Accountability, they scorn it. Responsibility they ignore it. However, they are loved by all but you. So you stew, quietly in your own juices and wish they were pelted by feces thrown from a pair of rabid monkeys on hand just for that purpose.

Image result for monkeys fling pooI do have some helpful advice for you on this matter. Really, that is why you come here isn’t it, weird advice.  Wish this person well… talk them up, get them the hell away from wherever it is you are stuck together.  Tell his boss, take out an ad, rent a billboard. Whatever it takes… Learn smoke signals if need be. Then when he gets the new job and is moving on let them brag about it.  Let them boast and chide you for your failures never knowing it was you who helped them on their way. This is how you be the better person.

Image result for the end


Or… you know… Actually hire the poo flinging monkeys, I hear they work cheap.



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