Customer and the Door of Doom.

I must say, we do get some interesting happenings within the four walls that used to  encompass my  retail working domain. One day though… something happened, something funny. I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the deactivation pads for the sensor strips. For those of you that don’t a bit of instruction. My store put little tags on things… little white magnetic tags. Magical Tags… they helped identify the evil stealers.
Once a product is tagged it will make the pillars of justice (the sensors) scream like a little who kid who just dropped their ice cream Cone. It is loud, lights up and on occasion makes some of our older customers pacemakers skip a beat. Image result for Retail Security Sensors
To avoid the death of our patrons we had small deactivation pads that turn off the magnetic tattletales so the pillars wont scream at people. Sadly… on large objects we can’t turn the tags off. You see, these pads are under the monitor in a small nook. Not much gets under there and to be honest, sometimes we forget. This particular day though… I forgot… Very nice lady came in for a cordless phone battery. We chat a bit while I figure out which one and get her settled. She ended up getting some batteries for around the house too. I had some inexpensive headphones on the counter and she decides she would like those as well. All totaled $52 and some change, I get her email for her bounce back coupon, ring her up and wish her a great day. Off she goes, until…


The pillars go off, just as she hits the second door… the one we keep locked. At this point I am heading toward her and telling her it’s alright. She is still pushing on the door, the one that won’t open, pillars still screeching away.  When I reach her I tell her everything is fine, apologize for the noise and wish her a good day as “I” open the door for her. She says thank you and complements us on the amazing security system we have. She has never been in a place that the door locks when the security system goes off…

If only we could get a cage to drop from the sky as well. I don’t miss most of retail… but sometimes…




4 Replies to “Customer and the Door of Doom.”

  1. What an amazing mechanism! We had no security where I worked, and I had the highest theft rate in particular location because crime was just awful in the town I lived in. I always played a thrilling round and cops and robbers with mine. Chasing down the halls, through stores, security officers loved to join in, it was always a thrilling experience.

    At one point big brother thought it a good idea to put in cameras in verys select stores “for security” reasons they said. Turns out the cameras were so poor quality they couldn’t read faces because they were made for conversion counting. Thanks allot corporate, your faith in myself and my team is ringing loud and proud today.

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