Chicken Little – C is for Chicken!

C Chicken Little was released in 2005 and is on my list of favorite movies. It hold a place in my heart even for a simple reason, my Son. He LOVED this movie. He barely remembers it now, but I do. It was his movie, the one he watched all the time. It took the place of TMNT when he started ninja kicking his Sisters. Below is the trailer. I chose the second one because he dances at the end 🙂 Watch him Dance… Cracking me up every time.

It holds a place in my movie watching heart because it’s a memory, that’s really what movies are, shared experiences this one with my Son. He’s older now and while he still has time to sit and watch a movie with me, its not the same as a 5 year old watching a chicken dance and trying to do the same, ok, ok I danced too. It’s fun!

Image result for chicken little movie poster

Now of course you know the story of chicken little… we all do, but this is sort of like a what happens after the original story. Is it the greatest Disney movie? No but its a fun watch, its family appropriate and of course has some humor that goes across little kids heads. You know, A typical Disney film, fun for all ages.

Have a favorite movie that starts with “C” send it on in comments. I’ll get my Son to watch it with me.

9 Replies to “Chicken Little – C is for Chicken!”

  1. I remember watching this movie in the theater (and no children were with me!) and loving it. I think it’s one of the few we don’t have on DVD, although I think we rented it out when it first hit stores so we could watch it again. The only C movies I can think of are Carrie (no, definitely not), Conan the Barbarian (much as I like Arnold as an actor, I actually like the remake way better), and Cocoon, which I remember watching but don’t really remember much of it, and I even watched the sequel. Oh, and Christine (another definite no). Guess I’d have to go with the Conan remake as my favorite C movie.


      1. IMDb spells his name “Dennehy” but I always thought it had that extra “e” in it as well (of course they don’t always get their facts right, either…) Haven’t seen those two in anything in ages…wow, that was a long time ago!


  2. I don’t particularly remember the whole plot (due to various animated chicken movies this past decade or so), but they still show movies like this here, so our kids get to watch them, too. They’re dubbed in our language, though.

    Anyway, decided to hit FOLLOW. I am liking your posts so I suppose I am going to like your non-A to Z ones as well 🙂

    My C: Contents with all the Feels


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